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EGS has developed a full line of OBM/SBM and WBM drilling fluid technologies to combat the negative effects of friction in the drilling of high angle, and extended reach wells, thus extending the drilling technical limits of their materials and equipment.

DFL-Drilling Fluid Enhancer

The Flagship technology from EGS, DFL Drilling Fluid Enhancer has proven to improve overall operational efficiencies by as much as 65%. By mitigating drilling torque and drag, as well as flow flowing pressures and all but eliminating downhole vibrations, DFL has allowed operators and contractors to reduce drilling costs by drilling faster and further. ROPs have increased by as much as 300%, thus allowing projects to be drilled on time and within budget.

See DFL Drilling Fluid Enhancer Product Data Sheet


DFL-LoECD has proven to reduce SPP and ECDs in wells for operators and contractors by as much as 65%. On deepwater wells, on high MD/TVD ratio wells or on any well that has weak formation fracture gradients, DFL-LoECD has allowed operators and contractors to increase flowrates thus promoting hole cleaning and drilling faster, all while minimizing and eliminating drilling fluid loss to the weak formations.

See DFL-LoECD Product Data Sheet


With a 400,000 psi molecular crush strength, DFL-Wear has proven to improve drill bit life by at least 100% and decrease drill pipe and casing wear by at least 80%, thus reducing replacement and maintenance costs of this equipment and material.

See DFL-Wear Product Data Sheet


In areas where operators and contractors are battling all friction related issues, EGS has developed DFL-Complete a technology that combines the best of all of EGS's drilling fluid technologies.

See DFL-Complete Product Data Sheet
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