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About Eco Global Solutions, Inc.

Eco Global Solutions, Inc. is Drilling Engineering Solutions company dedicated to helping the oil and gas industry challenge and extend the technical limits of drilling operations.

Grounded on sound, experienced engineering and operational fundamentals, EGS's DFL Drilling Fluid Technology has proven to help operators and contractors maximize their rig's potential and optimize drilling operations through the mitigation of friction that is inherent in the drilling of high angle, horizontal and ERD wells.

EGS has engineered a line of oil based, synthetic based and water based drilling fluid additives to combat the negative effects of friction, such as:
  • Torque and Drag
  • ECDs,
  • Downhole Vibrations
  • SPP
  • NPT
...and has proven to:
  • Increase ROP by as much as 300%
  • Reduce ECDs and SPP by 65%
  • Eliminate down hole vibrations
  • Promote wellbore stability
  • Reduce NPT
  • Increase Bit Life by 100%
EGS's DFL was designed by Drilling Engineers, for Drilling Operations on some of the world's most challenging drilling projects.
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